"Pelikaanit turbiinissa vuodesta 1974"
Energiatekniikan opiskelijoiden kilta

Armatuuri Ry

Armatuuri ry is a guild(=student organization) of energy technology in Lappeenranta university of technology. As one of the three oldest guilds, Armatuuri was founded in 1974. Currently we have about 300 student members and over the years estimated 1200 members have graduated (years 1974-2006).


Our goal is to unite and represent students of energy technology and supervise interest of our members. We also provide entertainment and serious events for members and all the students in our school. We work closely together with the department of energy technology, technical faculty, student union, other guilds and partnership companies. We aim to improve the education and learning environment at the campus and also keep in touch with our old members (=alumni).


On yearly basis we do at least two excursions where we head out to explore the wonders of the universe in a bus full of merry students. For freshmen we do a freshmen excursion usually at autumn and either “light” or “heavy” excursion at spring. During these excursions we visit our partnership companies, sister guilds and other interesting places and people.


We also hold academic social events known as sitsit and annual celebration for another year of studying and guild work. In the sitsit we spend a night first dining, drinking and singing and then continue with the informal part, usually just having good time together. Annual celebration is the year’s biggest thing (besides 1st of May) and everyone is dressed to kill and usually the main party is held in a fine restaurant.


For our partnership companies we offer advertisement space in our overalls, website and annual parties and other events. Needles to say, the excursion offer companies excellent way to present themselves to future experts and make preliminary recruitment of summer trainees, thesis workers and employees.


Lappeenranta is great place to study. People are friendly and the atmosphere is unique, also know as “the spirit of Skinnarila”. One can’t quite explain it, it has to be experienced to fully understand it. Also Lappeenranta has to offer excellent training in the field of energy technology: nuclear technology, fluid dynamics, power engineering and energy economics are just few to mention.


If you have questions about the guild or want to join us and get our fabulous overalls contact our international contact (kv@armatuuri.fi)



Contact us

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    Laserkatu 10
    53850 Lappeenranta

or by email
    armatuuri@lists.lut.fi  or

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