On Wednesday 22.11. we will celebrate the 50th anniversary of LUT’s oldest guilds Armatuuri, KRK and Kaplaaki with sitz party at Rakuunamäki.

Places are limited by guild and the registration form is in Facebook event in the discussion area.

The after parties will also be in Rakuunamäki and Brian Kottarainen kokemus will keep the party going!

Free buses to Rakuunamäki leave from the university at 17:00 & 17:30 and return buses from Rakuunamäki to the university at 1:00, 2:00 & 3:00. Buses will pick you up along the way depending on the situation.

WHAT: 150v sitz Kaplaaki × Armatuuri × KRK
WHERE: Rakuunamäki Party Hall – Mannerheiminkatu 10
WHEN: Wednesday 22.11.2023 from 18:00.
DC: Hokinait (between smart casual and cocktail)
WHAT COST: 20 €/person.

There is zero tolerance for any form of harassment or inappropriate behavior at the event. However, if you experience harassment at the event, you can contact the harassment contact person Armatuuri (Suvi-Tuuli Poikonen 040 047 0750), Kaplaaki (Jatta Mikkanen 045 326 3792) ja KRK (Sonja Pellikka 045 265 8879)

For more information: projekti@kaplaaki.fi or telegram @sinijokinen