What: Armatuuri is organizing a songwriting contest, with the goal of generating more energy related sitz song lyrics.

When: Contest period 23.10.2023 – 10.1.2024

Prize: Armatuuri funds the winning song for the next edition of songbook Punamusta. The song will also be added to Armatuuris sitz songbooks. Winner(s) will be announced after the contest.

You can participate in the competition by clicking on this link.


Participation terms:

  • Participants can be a person or a group that is a member of Armatuuri ry, alumni of Armatuuri or support member of Armatuuri.
  • Number of lyrics per participant is not limited.
  • The contest jury can alter the lyrics with the permission of the participant, for example to correct typing errors.
  • Songs submitted to the competition are used for Armatuuris sitz parties and annual balls.


  • Songwriting must be done in good taste. The acceptance of lyrics is determined by the contest jury. 
  • Lyrics can be written as “additional verse” to existing songs in a songbook or completely new songs.
  • Lyrics can be based on other songs in other songbooks, but the citations must be on point in these cases. Lyrics based on other songs must be clearly pointed out, such as “cited and edited”.

“Haalari on lumivalkoinen” (Rasputin 84, cited and edited)

  • Lyrics can be written in finnish, english or swedish.
  • Original title or melody of the song must be written under the title. If the melody is written by you, or you have a plan on how the song should be presented, write that down under the title.
  • Presentations of the song have to be written, for example solo sections.
  • Lyrics can be related to energy-technology, Lappeenranta, Armatuuri or some drink for example.
  • The lyrics are not allowed to be related to “Urgot” or other small circle memes.