Chair of board

  • The guild elects the chair of the board at the autumn board meeting
  • Calls and presides over board meetings
  • Primary responsibility for guild operations and participates in all matters at least as an observer
  • Represents the guild also in their free time
  • Manages relations with other LUT and LAB subject associations or guilds, the student union, the study program, and other Finnish ENTE guilds

Vice Chairman

  • Act as a substitute for the chairperson when they are unavailable
  • Moral support for the chair of the board
  • Good to combine with some officer position


  • Monitors the guild’s financial situation
  • Pays bills and invoices for receivables
  • Plans budgets as needed
  • Sits on top of the guild’s money chest when the board comes up with crazy ideas
  • Maintains financial records and prepares financial statements


  • Drafting and archiving minutes of board and guild meetings
  • Performing secretary-like tasks

Corporate Relations Manager

  • Sells overalls advertisement space to companies and orders overalls
  • Maintaining connections with companies, securing event sponsors, and coordinating company visits with the excursion master

Excursion Master

  • Organizes guild excursions and serves as the person responsible for trips
  • Coordinates company visits in collaboration with the corporate relations manager
  • Maintains contact with guilds from other locations, arranging accommodations for visitors from other cities to Lappeenranta
  • Secures buses when necessary for other guild events

Project Manager

  • Organizes and coordinates guild events, such as annual balls, sitz parties, and other guild-related events
  • Acts as the head of the project sector, delegating tasks to others

Host and Hostess (EI-sector)

  • A separate recruitment process, applications for the old EI-sector.
  • Traditionally chosen from among the first-year students.
  • Handles practical on-site arrangements for guild events.
  • Includes grocery shopping, cleaning, setting up tables, catering, and more
  • Under the supervision of the project manager.
  • Independent Tuesday sauna events (saunis) separate from the guild.
  • The position is demanding, but as a counterbalance, the EI-sector has many traditions in which the chosen ones can participate

Communications Manager

  • Manages guild communication, the website, and is responsible for social media
  • Communication channels: Newsletter, Facebook, Instagram, and Telegram.
  • Requires active monitoring of email and social media
  • Compiles a weekly newsletter for the email list every Sunday
  • Updates the website, major news, and board meeting minutes
  • Maintains the Armatuuri calendar up to date on the website

Academic Affairs Manager

  • Manages the guild’s advocacy efforts
  • Participates in meetings of their own study program
  • Collects course feedback together with the course feedback secretary and compiles this feedback for biannual course feedback sessions

Fresher Captain

  • Differs from other positions, elected at the guild’s spring board meeting
  • The former fresher captain initiates the recruitment process in the spring
  • Term of office covers one academic year
  • Trains freshers into tech students and serves as the primary distributor of fresher points, as well as a source of safety and support for freshers

Guild’s officers

  • Selected at the board’s organizational board meeting in early January
  • Applications for the new chair of board
  • The number of positions varies annually based on the guild’s workload and the board’s preferences.
  • Usually, there are around 20 different officer positions
  • Workloads vary greatly, with some being very independent roles and others supporting the board’s positions
  • You can find the guild’s executive positions listed on this page