Armatuuri is an energetic partner! We provide companies with visibility among others: in our overalls, our homepage, Instagram, our anniversary party and other events. In addition, we do business visits (= excursions) every year. Would your company be interested in cooperation? Contact our business contact person.

Overalls of our guild are pure white (at least when you are a freshman) and ad visibility is very good! An overalls ad receives attention from future technicians and economists as well as from the deep ranks of the people, because the teekkari always stands out for their benefit!

The anniversaries are the cream of academic celebrations and guests arrive from other universities and the business world. Our anniversary is celebrated according to the “long formula”, from the cocktail party to the actual dinner party, to the after party and ends only the next morning with a breakfast (Sillis). What keeps the atmosphere in the roof is good food, drinks, songs and the company that guarantees that the anniversaries are memorable.

Excursions are a good way to meet future energy professionals in the energy industry and tell them about your business and possibly even recruit a new workforce! We will be happy to visit you, as well as welcome you to our university to tell us about your business.

Business Relations Manager
Iida Tapaninen