Would your company be interested in cooperation? Feel free to contact our Corporate Relations Manager!

Armatuuri is an energetic partner! We provide companies with visibility among others: in our overalls, our homepage, Instagram, our anniversary party and other events. In addition, we do business visits (= excursions) every year.


Cooperation opportunities are presented below.


Our new students get pure white overalls, where the ads are very visible! By taking an overall advertisement, you also get information rights to our guild’s information channels, which tell about open jobs, recruitment opportunities and other information you want.

Annual Ball Events

The annual ball is an annual sit-down dinner party where the student organization’s members and partners can celebrate the guild’s birthday. It is possible to gain visibility at parties, for example, in the form of anniversary advertisements and cocktail events. Each advertising collaboration is individually tailored according to your company’s wishes.

Excursions aka business visits

Excursions are a good way to meet future energy industry professionals and tell them about your company. In the same context, it is possible to recruit a new workforce and offer bachelor’s and master’s theses. If you are interested in cooperating with our guild in the form of a business visit, you can inquire more from the Corporate Relations Manager and Excursion Master.

Social media and communication

Armatuuri is active on Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn. The newest form of collaboration is a social media mention, which includes a separate collaborative publication, mention by tagging/hashtag or other agreed methods. Our members also receive a weekly newsletter that reaches the entire membership of the guild.

Company evening / Company fair

With our guild, it is also possible to organize company evenings or company fairs, where company/companies can tell more closely and familiarly about their activities, theses, and recruitments.


In addition, we hold other smaller events, such as sits parties, sports events, or recreation days, which can be supported with a smaller threshold.

Contact information

Corporate Relations Manager
Erkka Sorvali

Excursion Master
Eetu Vilenius