Joining Armatuuri ry is easy and membership is very affordable. We do not currently have an annual membership fee but only a one-time subscription fee of 15.00€.

Joining is done in Kideapp. You can join our guild here. 

According to the rules of Armatuuri, joining the guild also requires membership of the Student Union of the LUT University (LTKY). Membership entitles you to wear the guild’s overalls, participate in the meetings of the guild’s board, and act as a board member and official/employee. Guild aims to combine LUT University´s energy technology students by organizing excursions, academic table celebrations (sits party) and sauna nights for its members. In addition, guild members have a guild room where they can, for example, study and relax between lectures.

You can also join the guild as a supporting member by paying a support fee. The amount of the support fee is decided annually and can be inquired from the guild’s board.

After joining the guild, subscribe Armatuuri’s email list! Email list is official communication channel of Armatuuri. Instructions for joining are below.

Subscribe and receive Armatuuri’s and LTKY’s newsletters.

  1. Go to site
  2. Click “Subscribe” on the left.
  3. Write your email and name.
  4. Click “I subscribe to list karvamuuri”.
  5. You will get an email. Click the link.
  6. Confirm the joining on the opening site.
  7. You will receive an email confirmation that your subscription was successful.

Social media and other communication channels

Instagram: @armatuuri
Facebook: Armatuuri
LinkedIn: Armatuuri
Facebook communication channel: Armatuuri internal channel
Telegram communication channel: Armatuuri info-channel, with a joining link available on the Armatuuri internal channel.