We organize many different events all year long, from fancy anniversaries to casual sauna evenings.

Sits party (Sitsit)
Sits party is an academic table festival that includes singing, giving speeches, dining and usually program numbers. Freshman sits party will be held in the autumn, where the new Freshmen of the guild will be able to taste it for the first time. Traditionally, these sits have a dress code called hockey night (Hokinait), meaning that older students also leave overalls at home. During Wappu Armatuuri organizes the best event wappusitsit, ​​that are kept outdoors rain or shine. To these sits you also have the opportunity to invite a friend, cousin, or even a parent who is studying elsewhere because the theme is bring an avec!

Anniversary, or jubilee, is the finest event of the year. The anniversary begins with a cocktail event, where guests will be invited to present their congratulations to the guild. After that, the main event begins with a program that contains dinner, speeches, songs and tribute sharing. The anniversary celebrations are held in early spring.

Sauna evenings
In Lappeenranta the guilds traditionally organize Tuesday sauna evenings, but also sauna evenings for our own members are organized from time to time. Over the past few years we have organized, for example, summer work sauna, board games sauna, beerpong sauna, and Christmas parties with sauna.

Energy tech student days
The annual event was last held in Lappeenranta in the spring of 2019. This event, which combines all the energy technology guilds in Finland and is held in turns in Skinnarila, Hervanta or Otaniemi.