Armatuuri is an active student organization organizing a variety of events annually ranging from elegant annual balls to relaxed sauna evenings. Below, we have compiled the most significant events that our guild arranges.

Sitz party

Sitz party, ”sitsit” in Finnish, is an academic dining event that involves singing, speeches, dining, and usually also various performances. In the autumn, we organize Fresher sitz party, where the guild’s new freshers get their first taste of the sitz culture. Traditionally, the dress code for this sitz party is “hokinait,” which means even the older students leave their overalls at home. Sometimes, themed outfits related to the sitz theme are worn as well. For example, for the most radiant sitz party in Finland, people dress up in nuclear power plant theme. During the spring “Wappu” celebration, Armatuuri organizes the Wappusitsit, which are held outdoors rain or shine. This sitz party also provide the opportunity to invite a friend, cousin, or even parents from elsewhere, as the theme of the sitz party is “avec”!

Annual ball

Annual Ball, known as “vujut” in Finnish, is the most exquisite event of the year, characterized by formal etiquette. The Annual Ball commences with a cocktail reception, where invited guests gather to offer their congratulations to the guild. Subsequently, the main event begins, featuring a three-course dinner, speeches, songs, dancing, and presentations of honors. Armatuuri’s Annual Ball takes place in late winter, at the beginning of March. Following the main event, the festivities continue at the afterparty, often featuring a live band. The morning after the Annual Ball, a traditional breakfast, known as “sillis,” is held.

Next winter, Armatuuri will be celebrating its 50th Annual Ball, which promises to be grander and more energetic than ever before! You can read more about these celebrations here.


Usually in the autumn and spring, members of Armatuuri go on excursions, during which they visit companies related to energy technology and/or travel to other engineering student cities. In the autumn, a day-long fresher excursion, whose destinations and itinerary are kept secret from the participants in advance, is organized. In the spring, a more extensive excursion called “rankka” takes place, lasting multiple days. During this trip, participants attend “energiateekkaripäivät” (Energy Technology Days) and also visit companies. If the Energy Engineering Days are held in Lappeenranta, a shorter and lighter excursion, known as “kevyt,” is organized in the spring.

Energy Technology Days

Energy Technology Days, affectionately known as “Ente Days,” is an event that unites all energy technology students in Finland. It is organized alternately in Skinnarila, Hervanta, or Otaniemi. The event will take place in Lappeenranta in the upcoming spring of 2024. The program includes seminars, sitz party, and other shared activities for energy technology students coming from different cities. The following day, “sillis” is held in the usual manner.

Sauna evenings

In Lappeenranta, student guilds traditionally organize sauna evenings called “Tiistaisaunis” (Tuesday Sauna), but also sauna evenings intended for their own members are arranged occasionally. In recent years, events such as summer job, board game, beer pong, and Christmas sauna evenings have been organized.