5.10. Hot Leg (Football)@Visma Arena
          – Students vs. EnTe department
10.–14.10. Abroad excursion
17.10. Armatuuri’s workshop @JHC

           – Welcome everyone (freshmen and older students) to get to know
J.Hyneman Center
              prototype workshop. There is a possibility to get to know 3D
              printing or practice MIG welding or just come and do your own
              HOX! Do the J.Hyneman Center -course first!
18.10. Energia2022-fair: network workshop
20.10. Couse feedback event (In Finnsih)
22.10. Older student sitz Kaplaaki x Armatuuri (In Finnish)

27.10. Energia2022-fair @Tampere
            – Meant for student 3. year and older.
              Buy your ticket here: https://kide.app/events/7e2f433e-e021-41cb-b4fd-69e6716cc673
31.10. Kiltakähmintä
            – Get to know what board members do

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