Yesterday, Armatuuri held the autumn meeting, during which a new chair of the board for the year 2024 was elected. The number of participants in this autumn meeting reached a record-breaking 109 individuals!

The new chair of the board selected a board, introducing a new position of guild room manager. The roles in the board are as follows:

Chair of the board: Sasha Vorobjev
Vice Chairman: Eetu Hautajoki
Secretary: Minea Forsell
Treasurer: Santeri Nikulainen
Project Manager: Wilhelmiina Satola
Corporate Relations Manager: Erkka Sorvali
Communication Manager: Aku Niittymaa
Excursion Master: Eetu Vilenius
Academic Affairs Manager: Akseli Lehto
Guild Room Manager: Joona Nissinen
EI-sector (host and hostess): Aino Vehkomäki and Matias Niemelä

Congratulations to the new board members for the upcoming year!

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