This year I’m appointed to be the harassment/feedback contact person of Armatuuri and since there hasn’t been such a role before, here is a little explanation. In short, if you want to give feedback about anything that has something to do with Armatuuri, please send an e-mail to palaute@armatuuri.fi.

Armatuuri has a goal of being an equal organization that takes everyone into consideration, so we hope that you can help us by telling us about things that are not yet right. It can be about anything: events, guild room, etc.

If the e-mail has something to do with harassment or other not-wanted behaviour, nothing will be done before the person who sent the e-mail agrees to it.

To make it more comfortable to report and give feedback, only I will know the identity of the sender. I’ll give the feedback/report forward to the board anonymously.

If you have for example ideas or hopes for the guild activity in the future (after COVID19), please write an e-mail.

Best regards,
The Harassment/feedback contact person of Armatuuri

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