The guild celebrates its 50th anniversary in the academic year 2023-2024. For half a century, the guild has brought together students of energy technology at lappeen Beaches, organized various leisure activities, and looked after the interests of students in the university.

During the anniversary year, the guild is planning various additional activities, including sports events, sitz parties, sauna evenings, cultural competitions, and, of course, the grandest annual celebration of all time. The anniversary year also coincides with the guild’s responsibility for organizing the “Energiateekkaripäivät”, so there will be plenty of events for the coming spring!

Fifty years encompass a lot of experiences, and we have started gathering material to write a comprehensive history of the entire guild during the early spring. We are looking for stories from different decades for the history book. If you have any, please contact the editor-in-chief of the history book at: