Energy Technology guild Armatuuri Ry was founded in 1974 and is one of the three oldest guilds in our university. The number of student members is about 300 and the number of members already graduated was estimated at 1200 (1974-2006). More about guild history.

The purpose of the guild is to unite and represent energy technology students. We drive the interests of our members and arrange activities with entertainment and even more serious events.

We work with the Department of Energy Technology, the Faculty of Technology, the Student Union, cooperation companies and other guilds. We strive to develop the level of education with feedback from students and meeting with teaching staff at joint parties and meetings. In addition, we also keep in touch with old members through alumni activities.

Each year, we organize a freshman excursion for our new members in the autumn and a “light” or “heavy” spring excursion for all our members. We also strive to organize short business visits with our partner companies. We also try to familiarize our new members with the university traditions and traditions of academic sits parties by organizing freshman sits party in the autumn. In addition, annual anniversary celebrations are held in March, often together with sister guilds.

Armatuuri is also an energetic partner for companies. In addition to the excursions we organize with them, the co-operation is manifested in anniversary co-operation, advertising in our overalls, on our website and in various events, not forgetting internships in both bachelor and diploma works. More information here.

Lappeenranta has extensive expertise in energy technology, for example in the fields of flow mechanics, power plant technology, nuclear technology and energy economy. In addition, there is the famous “Skinnarila´s Spirit” which is completely unique compared to other universities.