WHAT: Armatuuri’s 50th anniversary bring-a-friend sitz-party

WHERE: The cellar of the Student Union Building

WHEN: 19.1.2024

WHY: Because 50 years of Armatuuri and friends!

In January, Armatuuri is organizing a bring-a-friend sitz-party as a part of its 50th anniversary celebration. This is an excellent opportunity to introduce your friends to the secrets of Armatuuri’s sitz culture! Sitz party is an academic banquet featuring speeches, singing and dining. In addition, various activities are part of the program. Participants are encouraged to dress according to a theme, and this time it naturally revolves around something suitable for two people. This sitz party will also be the first testing ground for the results of Armatuuri’s 50th-anniversary songwriting competition!

Ticket sales for the event will be handled by allowing each guild member to register themselves and their avec.

More information and ticket sales coming in December!

Questions: 50vujumestari@armatuuri.fi