Hey there new fresher!

You are warmly welcomed to study energy technology in Lappeenranta! From the booklet below, you can find information about Armatuuri for international students.

Info booklet for international students 2023

Remember to also join the guild! You can do that through this link.

If you have any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to contact the international contact officer.

International contact officer
Samuli Kantola
Email: kv@armatuuri.fi
Telegram: @SamuliK96

Useful links for new students:

eLUT, starting studies

eLUT, Bachelor’s degree orientation

LTKY, the student union of LUT University

LTKY Exam Archive

LOAS, Housing community of Lappeenranta’s students

FSHS, Finnish Student Health Service

SkinnarilaInfo. A site that contains Skinnarila’s student restaurant menus, forecast and bus timetables.

Old info booklets

Info booklet for international students 2021